Glinso - Insurance Brokers Ltd

7/1 Spasopeskovskiy per. bldg.1, Moscow, 121099, Russia
We are happy to provide a wide variety of solutions in Insurance, Reinsurance and Retro market. You may rely on our expert opinion. We will help you to quantify the risk and approach with cost effective and reliable solution. You may rest assured we will treat our customers in any course, should it be quotation, contract placement, claim assessment, survey report or otherwise. We are a niche broker providing business solutions worldwide. We specialise mainly in Property&Casualty, Energy, Marine&Cargo, Aviation&Space,Treaty business. We are focused on protecting your assets from natural and man-made perils and try our best to promptly issue policies covering the widest variety of risks. We can offer fronting services to provide the client with an insurance cover on terms and conditions coordinated together with the foreign Insurer. Claims settlement is the most delicate part of a cooperation between the Assured and the Insurer. We have claims officers in our team who are able to help this going smooth and clear.

Company Staff

Akram Haddadin
Deputy CEO