Accredited Surety and Casualty Company, Inc

4798 New Broad Street, Suite 200, Orlando, FL 32814
A ccredited Surety and Casualty Company, Inc., located in Orlando, Florida, was founded in 1971 by Hardy M. “Hank” Snow, Jr. Snow was a former law enforcement officer who began his bail bond career in 1953.The genesis of the modern bail industry began when Snow and others in the bail bond profession realized that they needed to move beyond agents putting up their personal funds or property in order to guarantee an individual’s appearance in court.

Company Staff

Deborah Snow
President and Chair of the Board/Director
Debbie has worked for Accredited since its inception. Today, she is an officer and director, responsible for overseeing all corporate planning, investments, profit-sharing investments, expansion and diversification, marketing and recruiting. Under her leadership, Accredited has grown five-fold and is now one of the top niche insurance companies in the country.
Julie Henderson
Regional Bail Manager North Carolina and South Carolina
Gilliam (known to most as Julie Henderson) is a lifelong resident of Henderson County, North Carolina. Julie began her career in the bail industry with a large General Agent in 2002 and became licensed as a surety bondsman in 2006. Julie's tenure and experience in bail gives her an in depth knowledge of bail and bail regulations for not only North and South Carolina, but other states as well. Julie assists agents in North and South Carolina in all
Maggie Kreins
Regional Bail Manager, California
Maggie Kreins joined Accredited as Industry Relations Coordinator in 2008. A native of Madrid Spain, Maggie followed her father into the bail business receiving her bail license in 1987. Prior to joining Accredited, Maggie owned and operated Maggie's Bail Bonds in Long Beach, California. Maggie has been an active leader in the bail industry serving on the California Bail Agents Association as secretary for 10 years and as the only female to be elected President. Maggie is a founding member and past Vice President of the Los Angeles Bail Agents Association.
Marney Emel
Chief Financial Officer
As Chief Financial Officer, Marney Emel is responsible for Accredited’s record-keeping, financial compliance and financial planning. Marney previously served as the company’s Director of Finance.
Sharon Snow Jallad
Chief Operating Officer/Director/Corporate Secretary
In 1994, Sharon joined Accredited’s management team, partnering with her sister, Debbie, to expand the family business. In 1996, she became co-owner of the parent company, Accredited Holding Corporation. As Chief Operating Officer, Sharon is responsible for overseeing the development, implementation and monitoring of the company’s operations. She works closely with Department heads to ensure the company’s operations are efficient and meet a high standard of best practices and regulatory compliance. In addition, she serves as the company’s Compliance Officer.