American Insurance Association

555 12th St, NW, Suite 550 Washington DC 20004
The American Insurance Association (AIA) is the leading property-casualty insurance trade organization, representing approximately 325 insurers that write more than $127 billion in premiums each year. AIA member companies offer all types of property - casualty insurance, including personal and commercial auto insurance, commercial property and liability coverage for small businesses, workers' compensation, homeowners' insurance, medical malpractice coverage, and product liability insurance.

Company Staff

David S. Lauer
Vice President, Treasurer
David Lauer is the vice president for finance and administration and treasurer of the American Insurance Association (AIA). He is responsible for accounting, human resources, office services and information systems activities. He was appointed executive vice president and chief operating officer of the Benefits Connection Group, AIA’s wholly-owned subsidiary, in 2000 and was designated as the president and chairman of the Board of Directors of BCG in 2005.
Fred C. Bosse
Vice President for State Affairs
Fred C. Bosse has been the vice president for state affairs, Southwest region since his return to AIA in 2003. He is responsible for operations in the eight-state Southwest region that includes Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Wyoming. Mr. Bosse works to advance the business and financial interests of AIA’s member companies in the public policy arena by providing representation before state legislators and regulators, securing a role for members in the formulation of public policy and facilitating solutions for company-specific issues.
J. Stephen Zielezienski
Senior Vice President and General Counsel
J. Stephen (“Stef”) Zielezienski serves as senior vice president and general counsel for AIA. In this capacity he directs a staff of attorneys responsible for the full range of public policy issues affecting the property-casualty insurance industry. Mr. Zielezienski joined AIA in June 1997 and was elected to his current position effective December 2005.
Joseph DiGiovanni
Sr. Vice President for State Affairs
oseph “Joe” DiGiovanni is the senior vice president for state affairs at the American Insurance Association. He is responsible for overseeing and developing the organization's legislative and regulatory strategy at the state level and managing AIA’s state government affairs department.
Leigh Ann Pusey
President & CEO
Leigh Ann Pusey is the president and CEO of the American Insurance Association (AIA). She oversees the organization’s operations and works directly with AIA’s Board of Directors to develop and guide the strategic mission of the association.
Pamela M. Young
Vice President, Associate General Counsel
Pam has more than 23 years of experience in the property-casualty industry, covering issues pertaining to surplus lines and specialty insurance, professional and general liability matters, company and producer licensing, and tort reform. She is a long-standing member of the Executive Committee of the National Practitioner Data Bank, representing insurers at its meetings. Pam represented AIA on the Maryland Workgroup on Lead Liability Protection for Rental Property that made recommendations to the Maryland General Assembly and is a member of a core team working to address insurer concerns with the current American Law Institute Principles of the Law of Liability Insurance project.