Al Ahlia Insurance Company

P.O.Box:5282,Manama Kingdom of Bahrain
We are one of the oldest public shareholding companies providing all classes of insurance in Bahrain. Having been established in 1976, the company gained tremendous credibility in a highly competitive market. In our continuous endeavor to provide the best services to our clients, we have constantly made efforts to employ human and technological resources to enhance our position and performance.

Company Staff

Abbas Al Radhi
Mr. Abbas Al Radhi is Director of Al Ahlia Insurance Company and Chairman of executive committee Member Of Nomination, Remuneration & Governance Committee
AbdulEllah Al Qassimi
Vice Chairman
Vice Chairman of Al Ahlia Insurance Company (Non-Independent & Non-Executive) Member of Audit committee
Osama Albaharna
Dr. Albaharna is chairman of Al Ahlia Insurance Company (Independent & Non-Executive) Member of executive committee
S.Veera Pandian
General Manager
Acting General Manager