Assured Guaranty Ltd.

30 Woodbourne Avenue Hamilton HM 08 Bermuda
Assured Guaranty is the leading provider of financial guaranty insurance. We guarantee scheduled principal and interest payments when due on municipal, public infrastructure and structured financings.

Company Staff

Dominic J. Frederico
President and Chief Executive Officer
Dominic Frederico is President and Chief Executive Officer of Assured Guaranty Ltd., a position he has held since December 2003. During his tenure, Assured Guaranty became the leading provider of municipal bond insurance and financial guarantees. Assured Guaranty completed its initial public offering in 2004 under his leadership, and, in 2009, acquired the financial guaranty insurance company now named Assured Guaranty Municipal, thereby merging the only two monoline insurers to continue writing policies before, during and after the Great Recession.
Howard W. Albert
Chief Risk Officer
Howard Albert is Chief Risk Officer for Assured Guaranty Ltd., with responsibility for overseeing the Company’s enterprise risk management. Prior to this, he was Chief Credit Officer of Assured Guaranty Ltd. from 2004 to April 2011. Mr. Albert has over 20 years of experience in credit risk and structured finance. He joined Assured Guaranty in September 1999 as Chief Underwriting Officer of Assured Guaranty Corp.
Robert A. Bailenson
Chief Financial Officer
Robert Bailenson is Chief Financial Officer of Assured Guaranty Ltd. He has been Managing Director and Chief Accounting Officer of Assured Guaranty Ltd. since May 2005 and has been with Assured Guaranty and its predecessor companies since 1990. He became the Chief Accounting Officer of Assured Guaranty Corp. in 2003 and was Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Assured Guaranty Re Ltd. from 1999 until 2003. He was previously the Assistant Controller of Capital Re Corp., which was acquired by ACE Limited in 1999. Prior to joining Assured Guaranty in 1990, Mr. Bailenson was with Ernst & Young LLP.