1 Archbell Street, Bethlehem
AgriSeker consists of crop insurance specialists formerly from the ABSA Group, who entered into agreement with Land Bank Insurance Company (LBIC) to manage and underwrite crop insurance. AgriSeker has maintained its wide service network and is positioned to offer services to farmers throughout South Africa. AgriSeker Agricultural Asset Insurance is an addition to our existing production line, with the backing of Zurich Insurance Company. Our asset insurance strengthens the offering of a holistic insurance and risk management service in the agricultural industry. Both our crop and asset insurance packages are specifically tailored to the needs of farmers, focusing not only on providing solid insurance, but also risk management solutions that reach beyond the traditional insurance policy.

Company Staff

Andre Schutte
Director & Manager, Operations, Administration, Legal & Compliance
Andre holds an Honours Degree in Management Administration at the University Pretoria and various other qualifications. Before he joined the Crop Insurance Industry, Andre was involved in management administration for more than 20 years. He joined the Crop Insurance Market in 2002 as Manager Administration, overseeing all responsibilities for the Crop Insurance book and its operational activities. Andre is a founding Director of the AgriSeker Group of Companies and has been extensively involved in all aspects of the business from inception in 2015 and is currently also the Manager: Administration & Compliance. Andre resides in Bethlehem at AgriSeker’s Head Office and can be directly contacted @ 058-3078601 as well as on
Louis de Wet
Director & Manager, Underwriting and Product Development
Louis holds a bachelor degree in agriculture from the University of the Free State and a post graduate diploma in marketing management from Unisa. His career in crop insurance started in 1981 when he joined the then Sentraoes, at its head office in Ficksburg. He held several positions in crop insurance such as product development, underwriting, claims management, assessments and marketing. He joined ABSA in 2006 on a consultancy basis for crop insurance and on a full time basis in 2009. He is a founder member of the AgriSeker group of companies and is currently responsible for all the crop insurance underwriting functions of AgriSeker.
Reinhard Kuschke
Managing Director
Reinhard holds a Masters Degree in Agricultural Meteorology from the University of the Free State. Before he joined the Crop Insurance Industry, Reinhard was involved in the research environment for 13 years with the University of the Free State and the Agricultural Research Council. He joined the Insurance Market in 2004 as Crop Underwriter, later as Senior Agricultural Underwriter with Swiss Re, a global re-insurer and underwriting agricultural risk in southern and eastern Africa. Reinhard joined AIC in 2009 as Absa’s first ever appointed Agrometeorologist, providing the Group with tailored climate risk support. Reinhard, based in Bethlehem in the Free State, is currently overseeing all responsibilities for AgriSeker’s Crop Insurance Book and its operational management.