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Allianz - one of the leading integrated suppliers of insurance and financial services in the world. The company since 1890 provides a reliable insurance protection of millions of customers around the world. More than 144 thousand employees of Allianz Group worldwide serve about 85 million. Customers in approximately 70 countries. In 2014 fiscal year total revenues of Allianz Group exceeded 122.25 billion. Euro. At the same charges on property insurance / liability amounted to 48.32 billion euros, while fees on life insurance and health insurance - 67.33 billion euros. Allianz's operating profit amounted to EUR 10.40 billion. Allianz - one of the largest companies in the world of asset management. In 2014 the total volume of assets under management amounted to more than 1801 billion euros. The volume of third-party assets (retail clients and institutional investors) amounted to manage on the basis of 2014 - 1313 billion euros. The development strategy of Allianz SE is given important markets of Central and Eastern Europe, the insurance market in the region left the company in 1989. Today, the Group is already present in ten countries of Central and Eastern Europe and is the largest international insurer in the region. Allianz is active in the following countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine. Total fees Allianz in Central and Eastern Europe in 2014 amounted to € 3.2 billion.

Company Staff

Aleksandr Makarov
Head of Property department
Ramil Nagimov
Head of underwriting and Risk assessment division of Сorporate Property Insurance Department