Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA)

Bridge House Boundary Terraces 1 Mariendahl Lane Newlands 7700 PO Box 23525 Claremont 7735 South Africa
SISA was formed in 2008 by members of the Association of Collective Investments (ACI), the Investment Management Association of South Africa (IMASA), the Linked Investment Service Providers Association (LISPA) and the Life Offices’ Association (LOA). These associations disbanded and their staff, assets and activities were transferred to ASISA. This coming together of the four associations marked the beginning of a new chapter for the savings and investment industry. ASISA operates as a non-profit company and is empowered by a mandate from an industry that manages assets of nearly R8.6 trillion (as at 31 December 2015) and is therefore considered a formidable partner around Government’s negotiation table where we proactively engage on policy, regulatory and issues of common concern. ASISA’s strategic purpose and mandate is to continue to strengthen relationships with key stakeholders and to remain a trusted partner to these stakeholders in the financial services industry. While it is ASISA’s role to ensure that the key contributions by ASISA members to support the nation’s savings, development and transformation initiatives are valued and recognised, we have also been tasked with ensuring that as a collective our industry remains relevant and sustainable.

Company Staff

Anna Rosenberg
Senior Policy Advisor
Lucienne Fild
Independent Communications Consultant