Assurances SALIM

Immeuble Assurances SALIM, Lotissement AFH - BC5, Centre Urbain Nord –1003- Tunis
ASSURANCES SALIM was created at the initiative of the Banque de l'Habitat in September 1995 in the form of a public limited company specializing in life insurance "Tunisian life and capitalization insurance company SALIM" with an initial capital Of 1,000,000 dinars. The company was subsequently transformed into a multibranch company called "ASSURANCES SALIM" on 24 June 1997. This extension was accompanied by an increase in its capital which was increased to 4,000,000 dinars and then to 10,000,000 dinars in 2003 to be raised to 13,300,000 dinars on the occasion of the IPO in 2010. Today, Assurances SALIM wants to be the reference partner of its customers. Its vocation is the financial protection of Customers "Individuals" or "Companies". Our slogan "We make your protection our business" is a sign of our commitment. Our ambition is to offer our clients innovative solutions adapted to their objectives and their financial situations.

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