Advisio d.o.o.

Technology Park 22a 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
ADVISIO one of the leading insurance brokerage companies in Slovenia, Adria region. A group of experienced and dedicated professionals from various fields provide quality advice in the field of insurance. ADVISIO is the only insurance brokerage company in Slovenia and throughout the Adria region with the registration of "broker at Lloyd's". Lloyd's of London is the largest specialized global insurance market. In a competitive business environment, companies face risks that are trying to identify and use the insurance limit. We offer our customers comprehensive and tailored solutions, which is not confined to the Slovenian insurance market. We have direct access to international insurance markets and many years of experience in the provision of insurance coverage for the most demanding risks. The role of insurance broker understood in a broad sense. Our mission is not limited to the design and placement of the insurance program. We are also actively involved in the management or damages. claims for damages.

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