Alsford Page & Gems Ltd

2-5 Minories London EC3N 1BJ United Kingdom
APG works directly with insurance and reinsurance companies, as well as leading broker houses who are specialists in their respective territories. This allows us to work with and serve our clients in over 90 countries, supported with extensive input from our partners.

Company Staff

David Pratt
Chief Executive Officer
David’s Career began as a marine reinsurance broker for a Lloyd’s broker in the mid 1980’s where he looked after programmes for both London and international clients. He qualified as ACII in 1989 and Chartered Insurance Broker in 2003. He joined APG in 2004, was appointed to the board in 2007 and became Chief Executive of both APG Holdings and APG Ltd in 2009. David is involved in all classes of treaty reinsurance, proportional and non-proportional, with a particular emphasis on International business.
George Wooder
Compliance Director
With nearly 40 years in the reinsurance and insurance markets, George’s career began on a leading Lloyds syndicate. He joined APG in 1979, where his responsibilities were predominately accounting. He was appointed to the board in 2009. In 2005 George took on the role of Compliance Officer & Risk Management and Head of Corporate Governance.
Mark Edmonds
Mark has 30 years experience working in major broking houses having been responsible for heading up technical operations whilst producing diverse business. He joined APG in 2004 and was appointed to the board in 2009. Mark is experienced in all classes of facultative and treaty business. He has specific responsibilities for business production in Africa and the Middle East.
Mark Jesson
Chief Operating Officer
Mark's career began as a marine technician at a major broking house progressing to creating his own business in the Middle East. He joined APG in 2004 and was appointed to the Board in 2007. Mark is responsible for Facultative, Marine Hull and associated products, Marine Cargo, Specie, Terrorism, Treaty Excess Loss and Proportional Business worldwide including LMX. He was appointed Chief Operating Officer in 2010.