De La Ménardière

2 Quai de la Douane, 29200 Brest, France
A long maritime tradition, Brittany is an essential place for activities related to the naval sector, fishing, yachting, offshore racing, marine science and technology and offshore and inshore marine industry. The geographical position of Brest makes it the first port of refuge accessible for the merchant ships in damage of machines or victims of breakage of lashings at the entrance of Golf de Gascogne. In this context, for over 100 years, the DE MENARDIERE office has made available to its French and international clients (insurers, insurance brokers, shipowners, transporters and private individuals) a team of maritime experts, transport and local engineers Which can be used in the field of maritime expertise in commerce, fishing and pleasure, industry and transport. Today, maritime insurance and transport actors face an increasingly complex environment involving: New techniques (boat building, transport modes and flow management) New modes of propulsion Innovative embedded technologies Sophisticated and innovative building materials New standards, new regulations In order to be able to respond to their customers, marine and transport insurers need technical support when taking insurance and claims settlement.

Company Staff

Dominic Breton