Indoceanic Services Ltd.

Tour Belvédère, 17 Rue Roland Hoareau, BP 10186, 97825 Le Port Cedex, Le Port, Reunion Island
For the last 30 years or so, I have been offering assistance of all kinds to one and all looking for a contact in this remote part of the world, the Indian Ocean. The set up has developed and improved from "Harold J. Thomson" - as LLOYD'S AGENT for Reunion and Comores - to INDOCEANIC SERVICES. With my staff, I think desirable to be in constant touch with the shipping world in general and the maritime interests in particular. So I have decided to establish this e-link which I hope will be able to keep you in the picture and bring to you all peace of mind. We wish to introduce ourselves as claims specialists attending in the Indian Ocean Islands, where we run a network. We are very familiar with prevention of claims and protection/indemnity. Our subsidiary partners, "Réunion Ships Agency", which handle mainly tramping Vessels and passenger Ships, quite often liaise with our surrounding islands’ Correspondents. Our first aim, always, is to prevent and/or minimise claims. We often jointly prepare and monitor discharging operations and also do all the needful so that all Parties being aware of risks involved take necessary “anticipatory” steps accordingly. We therefore quite often seek "crew assistance" (at Owners’ charge) in order to endeavour to minimise claims arising upon delivery of "clean on board" shipments. It is quite customary that, owing to our local knowledge and excellent contacts with all involved Parties — thence our ability to avoid all sorts of risks related to conflicting interests — we organise, to everybody’s satisfaction, joint-tally, scrutiny of deficits and surveys in order to ascertain damages and prevent aggravation of risks. We quite often happen to consider that we are in the best position to liaise with the local people and come to "immediate" amicable arrangements, if not settlements, commencing with avoidance of arrest of Vessels when heavy damages are discovered. As time is generally of the essence, we can assure you of our very best attention in the islands more particularly during "after office hours".

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Dominique Thomson