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From ClaimsPro’s inception in 1986 as a small group of independent adjusters, to our status today as Canada’s largest national independent adjusting firm, our actions have been motivated by a single question—how can we use our skills and knowledge to help our clients achieve their goals? Our journey to answer this question has encouraged a continuous evolution of the ways in which we work, do business, and the services we provide. All this has been fuelled by continuous conversations with our clients, including years of listening, talking, working together through challenges, and sharing successes. Our Purpose: To make our clients better. Our Vision: To be the engine of client performance through the insurance value chain, and beyond. Our Mission: To be the most recommended company in all markets we serve. Motivated by the need to understand exactly where and how to improve our own services, we’ve developed powerful, proprietary claims management software, iAdjustTM. This technology empowers us to measure and track not only our performance on a daily basis but also key claims data for our clients, helping them gain a better understanding of their exposures and implement proactive risk management strategies. As we work with our clients we are constantly proposing new solutions, refining our processes, evaluating and measuring our performance, communicating our findings, and measuring again. It’s a continuous progression empowered by conversation and our ability to measure performance and track progress. Today we leverage the unlimited reporting power of iAdjustTM to show our clients how and why our partnership brings value to their business. Above all else, our clients value our desire to help them succeed and our ability to demonstrate the tangible value of their partnership with us. As our clients’ businesses and needs evolve, so too do the ways in which we provide them with the valuable tools, services, and knowledge they need.

Company Staff

André Soucisse
Vice President, Business Development
Andre joined ClaimsPro/IndemniPro in 2013. He began his career in marketing in 1978 before spending over a decade as an account manager for a major independent brokerage. He transitioned to sales for risk management and reinsurance company, before being promoted to President, leading a team in excess of 200 people. He then headed a large insurance brokerage before joining ClaimsPro/IndemniPro. He is a graduate of McGill University and is based in ClaimsPro's Montreal office.
Colleen Lavery
Director, Business Development Western Region
Colleen has been in the insurance industry for over 20 years and has been with SCM Insurance Services for over five years. A communicative and experienced professional, Colleen manages and develops ClaimsPro’s current client base while identifying and developing new customer accounts. Among other duties, she assists in the management of CRM, monitors account financial performance, and manages ClaimsPro’s regional RFP process. Colleen is based in ClaimsPro’s Calgary branch. She holds a Certified Sales Professional designation.
Dan Buch
Vice President, Eastern Ontario
Dan Buch is the Vice President of the Eastern Ontario region, drawing upon over 30 years of experience. He specializes in Automobile, Property, Liability, and Transportation and Equipment adjusting. He is also an Instructor and industry speaker in areas of Fraud. Dan is a Member of CASIU, IAATI, Insurance Defence Counsel, and CAFI.
Doug Millar
Vice President, Business Process Management
Doug has spent over 30 years in the industry, and is a fully licensed all-lines adjuster in numerous provincial jurisdictions. He is a fully licensed all-lines adjuster in a number of provinces. He has held senior management positions in Branch Operations, National Accounts, and Call Centre Operations, and has held his current position as Vice President of Business Process Management since 2010 and he is based out of our Toronto office. Doug works to enhance ClaimsPro's client base through acquisition of new clients and development of our existing base, product and systems development to create value efficiencies for clients, and onboarding for new clients through detailed project plans.
Drew Knox
Vice President Manitoba, TEC National Contact
Drew has been in the industry for nearly 30 years, both as an insurer and an independent adjuster. He has worked as a Staff field Adjuster and Claims Manager with a large insurance company before taking the role of Vice President, Manitoba/Northwest Ontario, as well as serving as the National Contact for TEC (Transportation, Equipment, and Cargo). Drew specializes in Large Commercial Property Losses – both industrial and residential – as well as cargo losses of all types. He is a member of the Insurance Institute of Manitoba and the Canadian Association of Fire Investigators.
Dustin Volk
Vice President, National Operations
Dustin Volk has been with ClaimsPro for 10 years and has spent nearly 15 years in the insurance industry. As Vice President, National Operations, Dustin facilitates ClaimsPro performance measured by efficient productivity, quality as it pertains to client-based value, and financial performance. He is also responsible for national catastrophe response management, internal business processes, system oversight, corporate policy, licensing, compliance, business planning, budgeting, and acquisition targeting and integration. Prior to joining ClaimsPro, Dustin was a Manager of Business Analysis, a role which included financial and operational reporting and analysis in addition to business planning, budgeting, project management, and acquisition integration. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, IT Management diploma, and the Canadian Risk Management designation.
Felicia Galata
Vice President, National Business Development
Felicia has been in the insurance industry for over 30 years, and with ClaimsPro for 8 years. She currently holds the role of Vice President, National Business Development. Felicia’s insurance background was as a licensed all-lines independent adjuster before moving into Business Development. She has extensive background in Claims Adjusting, Client Services, TPA Account Management and Business Development. She specializes in client relationship development, account management, and in-claims management solutions. Based out of ClaimsPro’s Mississauga office, Felicia holds a Chartered Insurance Professional designation from the Insurance Institute of Canada, (CIP) and a Canadian Sales Professional designation with honors, (CSP). She is a member of numerous societies and institutes.
Fred Plant
Senior Vice President, Business Development, CIAA Representation
Frederick Plant has been in the insurance industry for 38 years and joined ClaimsPro in 2015. Prior to joining ClaimsPro, Frederick led Plant Hope Adjusters, the largest employee-owned regional independent adjusting service in Atlantic Canada. He serves as the President of the Canadian Independent Adjusters’ Association (CIAA), a position he previously held from 2007-2008. He also served a term as President of The International Institute of Loss Adjusters, having participated on the Executive of that organization for eight years as Treasurer. Frederick is an Associate of the Insurance Institute of Canada, and is an active member of a number of industry committees including those serving Insurance Bureau of Canada, and The Canadian Risk Managers Association. He is based in the Dieppe, New Brunswick branch.
James Kozak
Director, Business Development Western Region
James has been in the insurance industry for nine years, commencing his insurance career in Vancouver as an adjuster with a major national insurer. He then moved to an independent adjusting role for an international firm out of Vancouver. James has been with SCM Insurance services for six years, beginning with Xpera, an investigative services firm. Five years ago, he transitioned to ClaimsPro as Business Development Role, B.C., and currently is the Director, Business Development Western Region. James holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia, as well as his Chartered Insurance Professional designation, Canadian Risk Management certification, and is a Certified Sales Professional (with distinction). He is a member in good standing with the Insurance Institute of Canada, Canadian Independent Adjusters Association, and the Canadian Professional Sales Association.
Jean Lalumière
Vice President, Business Development
Jean has been in the insurance industry for 28 years and with ClaimsPro for the last six as a Claims Adjuster, Team Leader, Manager, and eventually in his current role as Vice President, Business Development. A creative and open-minded professional, Jean works with partners in related industries including restoration, contractors, engineers, and lawyers to increase business throughout the Quebec region. Fluently bilingual, Christopher is based in ClaimsPro’s Montreal branch. He holds Chartered Insurance Professional/Professionnel d’assurance agréé, Bachelor of Science, and Certified Sales Professional designations.
Jeff Sutton
Senior Vice President, Business Development
Jeff has worked in the Canadian Property and Casualty industry for over 15 years, driving sustainable, profitable growth for his clients. His extensive knowledge of SCM’s group of companies – having previously spent time with Opta Information Intelligence and SCM Risk Management Services (RMS) – helps him with growing ClaimsPro’s business. He furthers business development, and introduces enhanced tools and processes to increase client satisfaction. Having held senior sales and operations positions with both underwriting and claims services companies throughout the Canadian P&C industry, Jeff specializes in creating sustainable value for clients by utilizing his extensive knowledge of data analytics, geocoding, underwriting, and claims adjusting. Jeff holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Western Ontario and an MBA from Ryerson University. He has spent over a decade in business development, building strong client relationships with similar customer bases.
Lorri Frederick
Lorri Frederick serves as President of ClaimsPro and is responsible for the strategic direction of all aspects of the company. Lorri has been with ClaimsPro since October, 2013, and has been in the insurance industry for 28 years. Previously she served as ClaimsPro’s Executive Vice President, Operations, and as ClaimsPro’s Chief Operating Officer. In these positions, Lorri was responsible for overseeing operational activities for ClaimsPro across Canada, including managing the regional vice presidents, conducting regional operations, interacting with clients, and building teams to meet clients' needs. Prior to joining ClaimsPro, Lorri served as Senior Vice President, Operations with a major insurance adjusting firm where she oversaw operational activities for a number of divisions including Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada, as well as working with the departments of Environmental Solutions, The Call Centre, and The National Service Centre. She is a fully-licensed adjuster in Ontario and holds her Honours Bachelor of Arts in Economics.
Malcolm C. Ross
Senior Vice President, National, Corporate Solutions
Malcolm Ross has been in the insurance industry for 48 years and has been with SCM Insurance Services for 18 of those years. He is the Senior Vice President of Corporate Solutions. Malcolm specializes in a variety of claim types including Professional Liability, Major Property, Construction Risks, and Hardware/Software Computer Loss. He holds a Chartered Loss Adjuster (CLA) designation and serves on a number of professional boards including Laurentian Club of Ottawa, Ottawa Valley Adjusters Association, Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association, and Attfield and Ross Group.
Maureen Fraser
Vice President, National Business Development
Maureen has 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry and joined ClaimsPro in 2015. As Vice President, National Business Development, Maureen has increased ClaimsPro’s customer base through her identification of new and potential customers within targeted sales regions. She has an extensive background in Claims Adjusting, Client Services, Call Centre Services, and Business Development; this well-rounded experience benefits her many client interactions. Based out of ClaimsPro’s Mississauga office, Maureen holds both her Chartered Insurance Professional designation and a Canadian Risk Management certification. She is a member in good standing with Insurance Institute of Canada, Ontario Independent Adjusters Association, and Canadian Independent Adjusters Association.
Paul Féron
Vice President, Western Ontario
Paul Féron has been in the insurance industry for 35 years and has been with SCM for 17 years. Prior to joining ClaimsPro, Paul owned a Regional Adjusting firm. An All Lines Adjuster specializing in Personal Injury Claims and with extensive CAT Management experience, Paul focuses on Client Retention and Management in his current role. Paul is presently the Director of the National Executive of the Canadian Independent Adjusters’ Association (CIAA). He previously served on the Executive Council of the Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association (OIAA), including time as President from 2000-2001. He also previously served as Director of the Insurance Institute of Ontario and was President from 2006-2007. Paul is based out of ClaimsPro’s London, Ontario branch. He holds both Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional and Canadian Risk Management designations.
Rhonda Palmer
Vice President, National Business Development
Rhonda Palmer has been in the insurance industry for over 17 years and has been with SCM Insurance Services for nine years. She spent seven years working for a major insurer in Alberta and British Columbia, holding positions as a Field Adjuster, Claims Manager, and Personal Lines Manager, before she eventually became Vice President, National Business Development for ClaimsPro. A tenacious and honest professional, Rhonda has had success working with a variety of clients across a variety of claim types including Property and Casualty. She also leverages experience in Sales and Marketing. Rhonda is based in ClaimsPro’s Vancouver branch. She holds Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional and Canadian Risk Management designations.
Richard Smith
Vice President, SRD, Ontario and Central Canada
Richard G. Smith is Vice President, Central Region for the Specialty Risk Division. He is based out of ClaimsPro’s downtown Toronto office, and he handles a diverse variety of claims throughout the Greater Toronto Area. He has considerable, varied experience, including in investigation, analysis, and settling of large and complex insurance losses. As an electronics engineer and all-lines adjuster, Richard has more than 30 years’ experience in Commercial, Industrial, Property, Marine, and General Aviation adjusting in North America, Europe, and throughout the Middle East. Richard’s professional experience is matched by his education, as he has studied in the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada. Richard has supervised numerous large Commercial and Industrial Catastrophe teams following hurricanes and earthquakes throughout the United States. He was the lead adjuster in substantial specie and financial cases including a loss of bullion at a national mint and casino revenue losses throughout the Gulf Coast of the United States following Hurricane Katrina.
Sean Forgie
Senior Vice President, SRD
Sean is a highly-regarded professional with nearly 25 years of experience in the insurance industry having held positions including Executive General Adjuster, Vice President, Branch Manager, Senior Loss Adjuster, and Senior Claims Examiner. He has extensive expertise in the field of Commercial Lines Casualty Claims including specializations in Environmental Impairment/Pollution Liability, Professional Liability, Wrap-Up Liability, Commercial General Liability, Products Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Subrogation, Catastrophic Injury and Fatality, and Litigation Management. Mr. Forgie is a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI), a Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP), past chair of the CIP Sub-Committee and member of the Academic Council for the Insurance Institute of Canada.
Stacy Phillips
Senior Vice President, Western Canada
Stacy Phillips has been in the insurance industry for 28 years and has been with SCM Insurance Services for 14 of those years. Prior to his work with ClaimsPro, Stacy served as Regional Claims Manager, Claims Supervisor, Unit Claims Manager, and Supervisor in multiple disciplines including Personal Insurance, Auto, Telephone Adjusting, and Field Claims for various insurers. Stacy is based in ClaimsPro’s Vancouver office. He holds Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP) and Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designations, and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from University of Saskatchewan.
Suzie Godmer
Senior Vice President, Quebec
Suzie has been with ClaimsPro since 2001, where she began as an Adjuster and later was promoted to Branch Manager of our Montreal office. She became of Vice President, Operations in Quebec in 2008 and held that position until she accepted her current role as Senior VP, Quebec in September of 2014. She is on the board of the Insurance Institute of Quebec holds a CIP and is a member of the CIP Society since 2001 She is a member of AESIQ (CIAA in Quebec).
Wayne Guy
Vice President, Atlantic Canada
Wayne Guy is ClaimsPro’s Vice President of Atlantic Canada. He draws from over 40 years of industry experience. Wayne started his career by managing an independent adjusting firm before founding Provincial Adjusting Services in 1984. Provincial Adjusting Services was acquired by SCM in 2005, where Wayne has been serving in a leadership capacity ever since. He holds a Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation, and is a member of the Canadian Independent Adjusting Association as well as the Newfoundland Insurance Adjusters Association. He specializes in Municipal Liability and Aviation claims.
Wendy Lebskin
Vice President Operations, National Accounts
Wendy Lebskin is a VicePresident Operations, National Accounts at ClaimsPro and is based in the Markham National Accounts Management office. Wendy Lebskin has with ClaimsPro since 1996. She has previous experience as a Claims Manager for a Canadian national insurer for five years and as an all lines independent adjuster for seven years. Wendy Lebskin is a graduate of York University and holds a CIP designation.
Wendy Scott
Vice President, National Business Development, Corporate Solutions
Wendy has been in the insurance industry for 28 years, and with SCM Insurance Services for 13 years. Her role as the Vice President of National Business Development, Corporate Solutions, is the growth of broker business and risk management relationships on a national scale. Wendy' insurance background was founded in marketing and sales for a national property and casualty insurer. Upon joining ClaimsPro in 2004 as an Account Executive, Wendy was responsible for managing national "program" accounts. Today, Wendy maintains strong relationships with clients and a focused interest in network development, new business generation and enhancing organic growth opportunities within the risk management and broker communities. Wendy is an expert at strategic consultation and creation of customized claim and risk management solutions for Insurance and Risk Managers across Canada and the United States. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Certified Sales Professional Designation.