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s decision-makers, you play a leading role in the achievement of the company's goals. Shareholders demand ever higher returns and more sustainable earnings, especially in today's competitive position in the global market. A wrong decision can threaten the company's assets and ultimately the future of society. For this reason, a D & O insurance is not just an option, but an absolute necessity. The advantages of our solution are: Protection of private property Cover for all employees with decision-making function (former, present and future) Cover for all organs in subsidiaries as well as for minority interests (> 20% and simultaneous management control). Automatic precaution cover for newly acquired companies Claims-made (Entry principle / full back cover Coverage (in the case of a contract) Passive legal protection No deductible for the organs Insured are also spouses No recourse to gross negligence Terms of contract available in German and English The most important restrictions: Claims in connection with intentional acts Professional license Known damages environment

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