Allied Professionals' Insurance Services Inc

1100 W. Town & Country Road, Suite 1400 Orange, CA 92868
Allied Professionals Insurance Company, a Risk Retention Group, Inc. is a licensed property and casualty insurance company domiciled in Arizona, and qualified under the Federal Risk Retention Act of 1986 as a Risk Retention Group. Allied is registered and writes coverage in all fifty states. The Company’s mission is: To provide affordable, reliable, professional liability coverage and related general liability coverage for allied and alternative healthcare professionals. Allied provides coverage for over 40,000 professionals and students nationwide. Allied places its coverage through 50 plus associations, brokers and groups. Allied’s primary markets include: acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, and naturopathy. Allied also provides coverage for a wide range of other health and fitness professionals, including physical therapists, dieticians, nutritionists, herbalists, naprapaths, ayurvedic practitioners, reiki specialists, cranial sacral therapists, personal trainers, movement therapists, colon hydrotherapists and medical assistants.

Company Staff

Marilyn Allen
Vice President, Marketing
Ms. Allen is responsible for the Company’s marketing and public relations initiatives. Ms. Allen is a nationally recognized speaker and educator in the alternative health professions, serves as the Editor of one of the acupuncture profession’s largest publications, Acupuncture Today. Ms. Allen regularly speaks at associations, schools, and regulatory boards on the topics of practice management, risk management, and ethics. Ms. Allen is currently serving as the liaison to the World Health Organization on the International Classification of Traditional Medicine Committee and is a U.S. delegate to the International Standards Organization for the WHO Technical Advisory Group (TAG-249).
Michael J. Schroeder
Vice Presiden
As one of the firm’s co-founders, Mr. Schroeder serves as Vice President, providing long term strategic leadership for the company. Mr. Schroeder also serves as the firm’s general counsel, heading up the firm’s efforts to defend claims and negotiate settlements, where appropriate, on behalf of its members. Mr. Schroeder has extensive background in alternative healthcare and manages a network of legal resources across the country. Mr. Schroeder formerly represented the American Chiropractic Association, the California Chiropractic Association, the California State Board of Chiropractic Examiners, the National Chiropractic Council, the American Podiatric Medical Association, the California Podiatric Medical Association, the American Acupuncture Council, the California Acupuncture Association, the American Massage Council, and the California Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association. In addition, Mr. Schroeder has formed and been a member of numerous other boards and foundations serving the allied and alternative health professions. Mr. Schroeder holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Southern California. Mr. Schroeder has received the highest ratings, A-V, for ethics and legal ability from Martindale-Hubbell. Mr. Schroeder is admitted to the bar in California and Hawaii. He is also admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court.
Philip Stump
With over thirty years experience in the financial services industries, Mr. Stump has served as the Company’s president since its inception. Mr. Stump has also served as President of the National Chiropractic Council, the American Massage Council and the American Acupuncture Council since 1994. Mr. Stump holds surplus lines and property and casualty licenses in every state, to facilitate coverage placements on behalf of sponsored groups. In order to address non-standard risks, Mr. Stump has completed Lloyds of London tribunalization, and has been an approved Lloyd’s cover holder since 2003. Prior to joining Allied, Mr. Stump was Executive Vice President of Beam & Associates, a financial services and planning consulting firm specializing in the healthcare industry. Mr. Stump holds a Bachelor of Arts in Finance from California State University, Fullerton, and a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusett