American Team Managers Inc

1030 N Armando, Anaheim, CA, 92806
Founded in 1998 by Chris M. Micheals, American Team Managers has emerged as one of the leading independently owned insurance wholesalers and managing general agents in California. American Team Managers is dedicated to the success and growth of independent agents nationwide by providing world class customer service, cutting edge technology, competitive commission structures, and access to the most respected carriers in the business. We believe that our focus in these areas is what separates American Team Managers from other MGA’s. Chris Micheals Customer service is of ever-increasing value to the more than 3,500 independent agents who we represent and service on a daily basis. We look forward to enhancing existing relationships and establishing new ones by offering unique solutions to meet the growing demands of an industry that is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Utilizing cutting edge technology to facilitate the rating and submission process we are able to reduce turnaround times by up to 80%, allowing small to medium size agents the ability to produce more business with no additional staffing requirements. In addition to the increased growth opportunities this process allows, we can process the business more efficiently than ever with fewer resources, allowing American Team Managers to pay increasingly competitive commissions. Our founders Pay It Forward philosophy to business is continually delivering value to our clients. By enhancing our service model and developing the most advanced technology, we are able to offer commission structures that are unparalleled in the industry. Combined with our policy of never charging any access fees or instituting volume commitments, we can meet the differing needs of each agent. By developing these individual relationships were investing on the long term success of our partnerships, creating a synergy focused on profitable growth. Our relationships extend beyond the agent and include our valued network of insurance carriers. Our comprehensive and hands-on service has built strong market relationships, allowing us the pen to write most of our carriers business in house. We continue to position ourselves for growth in some of the fastest developing regions. The diversity of our business mix and targeted growth strategies position us well for success. We will always challenge the status quo to create new and better ways to serve our agents best interest, never settling for second best or relying on old ways of doing things. In a professional service industry like ours, the ultimate test should always be client service. We have built a company passionate about putting the agent first, taking an unwavering stand on acting in the best interest of the agent helping your business go beyond today – to reach its maximum potential in the future

Company Staff

Adriana Melgoza
Customer Service / Small Business
Bryan Beeson
VP - Marketing
Kristin Borowski
Transportation VP
Marty Martino
VP - Small Business
Victor Silva