Alesta International Loss Adjusters, Surveyors, Consultants & Supervisors

Gulsuyu Mah. Bilginer Sok. No:2 Gulsuyu 34848 Maltepe / Istanbul - TURKEY
Alesta was established in 1995, as a reformative and courageous project that has been structured by considering the probable requirements in the future as well as those of today, by placing its details on a firm base, by agreed aims and principles that will be lasting for a long period of time, and by having its main goal as being durable and institutional. There are numerous persons whose names were and are being pronounced in the birth of this project and its operations until today. Names of some of such persons cannot be observed in the trade register or in the existing staff force of Alesta. However, they are persons that have been inscribed in the Thanksgiving Book of Alesta, and their names shall never be erased off. The primary architect of this project, namely Erhan Yazgan, is still the president of the group. Naşit Yamanyar and Hüseyin Nazlıel are quoted in this thanksgiving book by golden characters as they deserve. Murat Özgen Ayfer and Pembegul İnamlı are persons that provided an extraordinary development to the group. The first product of this project is "Alesta Insurance Loss Adjusting Services Ltd". This company was established in 1995 by a mission of providing loss adjustment services in Turkey in an institutional structure and meeting with international standards, as an alternative to the services given mostly by individual loss adjusters. The young and challenging entry of Alesta into the sector was acknowledged within a short period of time. Its progress toward the predetermined aims conforming to principles started almost immediately. In 1996 "Alesta International Supervision and Survey Services Ltd" has been established as the second product of this project. Similar to the first, this company started its activities by the mission of creating an alternative in the supervision services provided in the Turkish market regarding both quality and scope of service. By enlarging its borders in the world of risk to include pre-risk as well, Alesta accomplished its second aim of the project in its second year of existence. By this means, Alesta acquired an institutional characteristic that can provide the service of loss adjustment in the case of realisation of a risk simultaneously with the one studied during supervision. This is further supplemented by actualising the processes of protection, rescue, recording and subrogation. In 1997, Alesta was appointed as the exclusive representative of Crawford and Company in Turkey, the largest loss adjustment organisation throughout the world. By this means, it acquired the third step of its aims as attaining a global dimension just within a short period of 3 years following its initial establishment. Now, this worldwide large force that evolved by Alesta getting in association with Crawford gives the chance of handling any loss or analysis rapidly and correctly in anywhere, and whether it be specific or elaborate. Hence, Alesta can render both loss adjusting and supervision services to both local and multinational clients, both in Turkey and abroad. Despite we're in an era in the start of 21st Century referred to as being "the period of crisis" due to the prevailing economical conditions that our nation came across with, the establishment of Alesta as an important advancement for the sector being not being emerged by chance at all, continues on with its consistent progress in its own lane, and in accordance with predetermined tenets of the devised project. The services that were and is being provided by Alesta to the largest and most keen insurance and brokerage companies in the world as well as the insureds through its professional staff force that operate with an amateur behaviour, denote the stability of this organisation in the future. Alesta avoids all disadvantages of being an individual, but possesses all advantages and superiority of an individual. Its principles and goals have been determined initially during the start-up of its project. It is a challenging organisation and a team having both a mission and a vision. It consists of persons that devoted themselves to this profession. It is in compliance with its tenets and aims. It has hence opened its doors to all persons that are real professionals regarding their experience, however will remain as amateurs regarding service for their entire life. In other words, Alesta is now gaining progress in the fourth dimension of its project.

Company Staff

Arif Yucel
Senior Loss Adjuster, Partner of ALESTA
Erhan Yazgan
Senior General Adjuster, CEO of ALESTA
Galip Inanc
Loss Adjuster / Engineering & Liability Group Manager
Oktay Gulagaci
Senior General Adjuster, Managing Director and Partner of ALESTA
Ozgur Temizkan
Istanbul Associate Contact