Presidio River No. 975, Col. Palos Prietos, 82010 Mexico
ASTROMAR is constituted on January 25, 1972, in it the city and port of Mazatlan, Sinaloa. Initially, its objectives and services were initially aimed at providing services for the construction and repair of parts of wood, metal and fiberglass vessels. Through the years it was detecting the great needs that constantly appeared in the boats that integrated the fleets of fishing boats, as well as those of the ships of height of different shipping companies that arrived at the port for the transport of import and export loads . From the year of 1978 begins work for LLOYDS OF LONDON as MARINE SURVEYOR, for the attention of the claims and certifications to the boats of height in the cases of damages.a the load; Draft inspections, cargo inspections Subsequently, we began activities as Non-Exclusive Surveyor of the classifying houses AMERICAN BUREAU OF SHIPPING. And of LLOYD'S REGISTER OF SHIPPING carrying out periodical inspections of maintenance, repairs and damages on classified ships, as well as, certification of spare parts and parts of new machinery. In October of the year of 1982 ASTROMAR is installed in its present offices located in the street of RIO PRESIDIO No. 975, In Colonia Palos Prietos, Postal Code 82010. City and Port of Mazatlán, Sinaloa. ASTROMAR was consolidated in 1983 as INSPECTORS AND VALUADORES MARÍTIMOS Y INDUSTRIALES, upon receiving the authorization of the Government of Mexico, to practice the valuation of naval vessels and artefacts as well as the port maritime industries, which are necessary for naval mortgages , Sale and for tax purposes. With the integration of Alfredo S. Troncoso Baltesar, who specializes in the implementation of ISO 9002 Quality Control Systems and the entry into force of the ISM INTERNATIONAL SAFETY MANAGEMENT Code for the establishment of maritime safety systems, ASTROMAR puts to the service of the merchant marine and especially of the fishing boats their systems of administration of the security. ASTROMAR continues to offer the highest quality and highest professional ethics in its services that have characterized it since its inception, and for which it is fully recognized for its seriousness, quality and precision nationally and internationally in its opinions. The spirit of quality services will continue to be our flagship and efficiency our motto for many more years.

Company Staff

Alfredo Troncoso
Director General
Types of surveys undertaken: Breakbulk and Bulk Cargoes, Commercial Hull Condition, Containers, Draught Surveys, General and Container Cargoes, Hydrographic Surveys, Machinery (condition and damage), Marine Insurance Claims (cargo), Marine Insurance Claims (hull), Marine Insurance Claims (machinery), Oil and Chemicals, P and I Club Surveys (cargo), P and I Club Surveys (hull), P and I Club Surveys (machinery), Salvage and Towing