BMT Surveys Australia

Level 5, 99 King Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia
BMT Surveys is one of the world’s leading independent marine surveying companies, providing a wide portfolio of services in cargo, nautical and technical matters. The company offers a comprehensive array of marine services and brings an unprecedented level of expertise to every aspect of marine surveying. BMT Surveys carries a long and rich history in marine surveying and has developed into a multi-disciplinary survey office, serving the international marine and insurance industry.

Company Staff

James Nolan
Marine Surveyor
James Nolan is a Marine Surveyor with BMT Surveys (Australia) servicing Australia and the wider Asia Pacific region. James has a Bachelor of Engineering in Naval Architecture and a Diploma in Marine Surveying. James spent 5 years following completion of his education with the Department of Transport in Western Australia as a Marine Surveyor. covering initial and in-service surveys of commercial vessels including plan approval, construction surveys, stability, sea trials, damage surveys and hull and machinery surveys. Subsequently James was appointed as a Marine Warranty Surveyor with London Offshore Consultants undertaking engineering and marine warranty approval of offshore infrastructure, including fabrication, transportation and installation. This involved technical design and approvals, the survey of vessels and site attendance for transportation and installation of offshore infrastructure. Following this, James worked as a Marine Insurance Surveyor with Crawford and Company before taking up a role with Marine Safety Victoria as a Senior Marine Surveyor/Naval Architect. James took a leading role here in the initial survey of domestic commercial vessels including plan approval, construction surveys, stability assessments, sea trials, annual surveys, and incident investigations, as well as providing expertise in SMS’s for domestic commercial vessels. James joined BMT in September 2015 as a Marine Surveyor. He provides multi sector Naval Architecture and Marine Survey expertise along with a range of technical and commercial skills.
Trevor Dove
Marine Surveyor
Trevor Dove leads the Marine Surveying team at BMT Surveys (Australia) and is responsible for delivering vessel survey services to the commercial and defence industries. He is a Chartered Engineer, Member of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects and of the International Institute of Marine Surveyors and has recently completed a Diploma in Marine Surveying. Trevor joined the BMT Group in 2012, and has since worked on a broad range of surveying activities in the commercial and naval sectors. Through this work he has developed expertise in informing vessel replacement strategies; Life of Type Extensions; and valuation of vessels. Trevor has applied this knowledge to a range of notable projects, including: Life of Type studies across a range of navy and army operated vessels and commercial ships; Valuation of the ACV Ocean Shield and Anzac Class Frigate; condition assessment of the Victorian Police boat fleet; and preparation of specifications for a range of seagoing vessels. He is also an AMSA accredited domestic commercial vessel surveyor, with experience in compliance auditing and ship vetting.