Active Brokers Limited

Cables House, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 0HG, UK
You’re self-employed, just like we are, and you’re bound to go through all the struggles we see self-employed people face every single day when they want a mortgage. When getting your dream home is your ultimate aim, you need to find the perfect lender to make it affordable for you. That’s not easy. Except it doesn’t have to be a struggle. We’re all about making things quick, simple and efficient for you. We’re dedicated to getting self-employed people into the dream homes they deserve. If you’re a business owner like the majority of our clients, or a sole trader, it’s highly likely that you don’t have the time or expertise to find a perfect mortgage for yourself. If you have tried to approach a lender by yourself, then you’ll have realised just how difficult it is to find acceptance when you’re self-employed. We are the self-employed mortgage experts, here to help you. In 2016 we helped 122 customers complete the mortgage process successfully. You can get valuable advice, guidance and an actionable mortgage strategy with our assistance. We’re regulated and qualified mortgage brokers ready to assist you no matter your circumstances.

Company Staff

Gary Das
Owner and Founder
Gary became self-employed on 1st November 2006 and has a vision to make Active the No. 1 Broker in the UK, championing the self-employed and business owners. He is easily the most energetic and motivated in the office. Gary aspires to work with a developer to build leading mortgage software and wants to get more involved with property. Loves banter and pushing peoples buttons in-between putting macros/food on his mobile app and preaching to others about health, fitness and the rubbish they eat every day. His wife and children come first. When he’s not with his family or in the office, you will find him working out in the gym or on holiday. Work hard / play hard.
Georgia Budd
Protection Broker
Georgia joined Active in October 2015 as an apprentice and is now qualified to give life insurance advice. She manages the advice of our existing life insurance customers single handed. She’s our youngest member of the team who wants to be Gary’s boss. If there is chocolate or sweets in the office she makes sure they won’t be around for long. On staff nights out Georgia is often found with 2 drinks at once. She loves going away with her family and boyfriend all the time, and enjoys a few trips to the gym every week.
Jake Rogoff
Mortgage & Protection Broker
The 1st Active team member, Jake joined in 2009 and is the most committed. He started as a life insurance adviser and became qualified to provide mortgage advice in 2015. Jake aspires to offer financial and pension advice as he gets older. Enjoys shouting loudly while talking to customers on the phone (his excuse of a loud voice), whilst pacing the office. He loves technology, his bunny rabbit and Audi TT convertible.
Lauren Tilly
Operations Manager
Joined Active in 2012 as an administrator, assisting Gary with the general running of the business and ensuring the highest level of customer service. She wants to make her own money and feel proud of herself for everything she achieves. Lauren enjoys a fair bit of banter, can compete with Jake for volume and if we write on the white board in different colours she freaks out, but that’s just another excuse to moan. She dances 6 days a week, sometimes 7, competes regularly and won the British Street Dance Championships, along with enjoying dinner and drinks with her girls.