Maritime Engineers Pty Ltd

96 Marine Terrace, Fremantle, Western Australia 6160, Australia
Maritime Engineers Pty Ltd was founded in the early nineties by its former Executive Director, Kent Stewart. Having grown from small beginings, we are the only Australian consultancy which provides a broad range of services for a variety of clients in the Oil & Gas industry, navy, commercial shipping and marine insurances. We pride ourselves in being able to provide a solution to almost any complex marine project and support this ability now with our Engineering Design Office of Naval Architects, design engineers and draftsmen. In 2010 Maritime Engineers was bought by UK listed James Fisher and Sons plc, a marine engineering, shipping and service company with a history dating back 160 years. Likewise Maritime Engineers is proud of its achievements over the last twenty years and can lay claim to a number of firsts. We were the first marine consultancy in Australia to achieve ISO 9001 Quality Assurance certification. We were the first accredited Naval Hull Surveyors in Australia. In a joint venture with McMahan Services, we conducted the first commercial shipbreaking project in Australia with the scrapping of a large private fishing vessel at Henderson, Western Australia. We were the first in Australia to conduct engineering design of cyclone moorings for the Dampier Port Authority. We pride ourselves on our foundation of marine insurance skills with claims and pre risk surveys. Maritime Engineers is the largest independent Ship Valuer in Australia conducting over 200 valuations a year for marine underwriters, shipowners and financial institutions. We have considerable experience and skills in harbour and ocean towage and have designed and patented a Barge Emergency Anchor Release (BEAR) system which provides a radio controlled release system for barge anchors - a world first and a novel safety device for sea transport with barges. Our Engineering Design & Naval Architecture team has been leading a major project for the construction of one of the largest floating wharf facilities in the world. The dynamic analysis modelling which was conducted for this project we believe to also be a world first. The modelling of three large vessels moored together and restrained against movement in an exposed region may be the first of this type of analysis ever conducted. We have been instructed in producing valuable documentation which has been taken up by other parts of the maritime industry. Our Ocean Towing Checklist has been taken up and used by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) and at last, one Australian State Maritime Safety Authority. Our Managing Director, Andrew Marsh, has formulated our own Independent Offshore Vessel Audit (IOVA) format for ship vetting and pre charter assessment and suitability for offshore support vessels.

Company Staff

Andrew Borrill
Manager - Naval Hull Surveys
Andrew Borrill is an accredited Naval Hull Surveyor and marine coatings specialist who heads our Naval Hull Survey division. Mr Borrill has over 30 years experience in marine and general engineering workshop and ship repair work. He has considerable expertise in welding methods and weld procedures as well as machine tool operations. Combined with his specialised training in marine coatings, Mr Borrill's experience to lead our team of Naval Hull Surveyors is invaluable.
Andrew Marsh
Managing Director
Andrew Marsh has over 30 years' experience in the maritime industry beginning with a mechanical fitting trade and progressing to a sea-going career as a Class I marine engineer and finally coming ashore as a marine surveyor. Mr Marsh's experience as a marine surveyor is extensive with expertise in the oil and gas industry, the tanker trade, commercial small craft, the fishing industry as well as Class and statutory surveys. He has carried out hull, machinery and cargo damage surveys on a wide range of vessels. Mr Marsh is an accredited OVID Inspector and has carried out inspections on offshore vessels utilizing the OVID, IMCA and IOVA and client specified systems. Mr Marsh has been an examiner for Engineers Certificates of Competency, has carried out marine accident investigations, plan approvals and surveys during construction of for new builds. Mr Marsh has been an integral part of Maritime Engineers' success and growth over the last 20 years and now holds the position of Managing Director.
Mani Hackett
Principal Naval Architect
Mani Hackett joined Maritime Engineers in 2010 and began building our Design Office virtually from the ground up. Mr Hackett is a graduate Naval Architect with a background in propeller design and ship stability. He has built up a strong team of engineering and naval architect graduates, draftsmen and associates to develop our design contracts. Mr Hackett has been instrumental in the acquisition of specialised design software such as MaxSurf, Orcaflex and AQWA wave diffraction software as well as developing our finite element analysis and SolidWorks, AutoCAD drafting. Mr Hackett has overseen some of our largest contracts and these have involved some worlds' firsts with dynamic analysis work. He has developed the Design Office quality and document control systems and continues to contribute to the company's ongoing improvement.
Mark Sambrailo
Marine Claims Manager
Mark Sambrailo has 25 years' experience as a Shipwright in the repair, construction, fitout, commissioning and sales of a variety of commercial vessels. Mr Sambrailo has been actively involved in marine claims assessments, condition surveys and valuations for financial institutions and Underwriters and many other survey activities since joining Maritime Engineers in 2013. He completed his Certificate of Vessel Valuation in 2014 and is now our senior valuer. Mr Sambrailo brings to Maritime Engineers a vast range of ship building and local knowledge which has been invaluable within the company.
Mui Heng Ng
General Manager
Mui Heng Ng has over 20 years' experience in the maritime industry having progressed to a First Class Marine Engineer Certificate of Competency during his sea-going career. After coming ashore, Mr Ng joined the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) as a Class surveyor and fully qualified ISM auditor. He has extensive experience in construction and repair of specialised oil and gas industry vessels and MODUs as well as commercial shipping. Mr Ng later joined the prestigious Salvage Association as a senior surveyor and has conducted numerous hull and machinery surveys for marine claims and shipyard risk assessments (JH143) under the Joint Hull rules. Mr Ng is a fully qualified OVID inspector and has also conducted CMID surveys under the International Marine Contractors Association format. Mr Ng's senior management role as General Manager at Maritime Engineers encompasses a dual role as Operations Manager and also is responsible for the Quality and HSE system. In spite of his heavy responsibilities, Mr Ng manages to do a high proportion of complex ship surveys in the field. Mr Ng is a highly valued member of the Maritime Engineers senior management.
Sandra Smith
Accounts Manager
Sandra Smith carries the responsibility of all Maritime Engineers accounts, payroll, reporting and personnel/HR activities for our offices in Fremantle, Darwin and Singapore. Mrs Smith holds formal qualification in Business Accounting and conducts training seminars for Maritime Engineers administration staff in our regional offices. Mrs Smith holds one of the most important and valued positions at Maritime Engineers Pty Ltd.
Shaoheng Huang (Teresa)
Commercial Manager
Teresa Huang is a valued senior member of Maritime Engineers management holding the position of Commercial Manager. In this role Ms Huang is responsible for all the non-technical activities of the company and its branch offices in Darwin, Singapore and Japan. From commercial finance, office administration, advertising, travel, IT support, staff reviews and employment of new personnel, Ms Huang's skill and professionalism carries a major responsibility for the success of Maritime Engineers. Ms Huang joined Maritime Engineers over 10 years ago. She completed her Master of Business Administration degree whilst performing all her extensive management duties at Maritime Engineers. She excels in new challenges and conducts the office management smoothly to allow the technical staff to seamlessly conduct their contracts while contributing to the continual improvement of the company's business plan.
Tanya Valova
Engineering Design Office Manager
Ms Valova joined Maritime Engineers at the start of 2016 taking up the responsibility of Design Office's operation and management. Ms Valova has over ten years' working within her field. During this time, she has gained strong engineering experience as well as organisational and business skills. The activities she has undertaken include static and dynamic mooring design and verification, stability and motion analysis, structural design and analysis of steel vessel, Finite Element Analysis, structural design of lifting appliances and loadout engineering. With a Master Degree in Naval Architecture, Ms Valova continues her personal improvement by undertaking various professional training such as project management, plan approval training and Computer Aided Approval (CAA). Ms Valova has solid knowledge and experience in design software and her expertise in this area enhances Maritime Engineers' capability to deliver a wider range of engineering design services to our clients.
Thomas Abraham
Regional Manager/Principal Surveyor (Darwin)
Since starting his career as a foreman for a pearling company, Mr Abraham has worked in many different areas including marine security, skipper, engineer, chief engineer, master and marine superintendent. He has over 14 years' experience and extensive knowledge of towage (inshore, coastal and offshore), construction, workboats, Oil & Gas, fishing and charter industries. Taking the helm of the Darwin office with his broad experience and his local knowledge, Mr Abraham is an invaluable asset to Maritime Engineers in leading and further advancing our Darwin office's operations into the growing marine industry.