East China Adjusters and Surveyors Ltd (Eurogal China)

18F-B, Qi Tai Building, No.1089 PuDong Ave. Shanghai 200135, P.R. China
About Us: Our clients choose us for the following reasons: Honesty and integrity are at the forefront of our company. Our reputation and continued service to the marine industry depend on it. We perform services only in areas of our competence. The principal surveyor for East China Adjusters& Surveyors Co., Ltd.(East China Marine & Cargo Surveyors, Inc.) has over 5 years experience to the maritime community, for a five years experience surveying commercial hulls, machinery and cargo, Upon successful screening, the individual passed a comprehensive written examination.

Company Staff

Capt. Alex Chen
Owner / General Manager
"Capt. Alex Chen has owned and operated EAST CHINA ADJUSTERS & SURVEYORS CO., LTD.(EAST CHINA MARINE & CARGO SURVEYORS, INC.) since 2001. Starting in 1985, Alex engaged on seaman on various type of ocean-going vessel from third office to Master. About 15 years seaman's life has given Alex a rich experience upon the vessels, cargos and navigation, which was more benefit for his marine surveying work later. In 1999, he finished working on vessel and to do a marine surveyor in a famous firm in Shanghai. In 2000, he passed a strict examination of CIRC (China Insurance Regulatory Commission) and got the Loss Adjuster's certificate.Two years surveyor work brought him a lot of acknowledges on survey industry and necessary grounding to accurately assess damage of vessels and cargos. For further develop him, he set up an independent survey company as East China Marine & cargo Surveyors, Inc. Alex is acknowledged as one of the senior surveyors in China. Alex's expertise and knowledge are a much sought after commodity. With a background and training in the marine survey and insurance filed, Alex approaches his work with a precise scientific attitude: thorough and methodical. It has been a natural progression for Alex to transfer his vast experience into the past three years of surveying for East China Adjusters & Surveyors Co., Ltd.(East China Marine & cargo Surveyors, Inc.) He will continue to apply that knowledge and experience to the benefit of East China's many customers."