Elias Matalon

Elias Ι. Matalon - 8, Vezinelou Str., Eleftherias sq. 546 24, Thessaloniki, Greece
The surveyors - loss adjusters firm Matalon was established in Thessaloniki in 1927 and is led by ELIAS MATALON, Civil Engineer who has substantial experience in the domain of loss adjustment and insurance claims surveys. We are located in Thessaloniki and are active throughout Greece as well as the Balkans, maintaining a wide network of collaborators. Our team of specialists includes mechanics and engineers and our network is comprised of all kinds of professional technicians all over the country. We are also in collaboration with most major Insurers in Greece and abroad. A new member has been added to our staff recently, for the purpose of filling in the need of dealing with major disasters as well as designing recovery methods following large scale events by the use of scientific knowledge in the field of Risk Crisis and Disaster Management (MSc)

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