Inchcape Shipping Services (Kenya) Ltd

ISS Kenya Port Reitz Road,. P.O. Box 90194, Mombasa Code 80100, Kenya
Dodwell and Co. East Africa Limited is a member of the Inchcape Shipping Services group and is involved in surveyor work, cargo and container services. Dodwell’s latest project has been the empty container terminal, which was officially opened in December 2008. It is the only yard in Mombasa and is fully paved with a high quality repair facility for containers. It is situated along the Port Reitz road on the western side of the Mombasa mainland, approximately 3 km from Mombasa port on the Kipevu entrance (Gate No.18). The total area of the yard is 6 acres with an additional 2.67 acres, which is currently being developed and is in the final stages of completion. At present, the 6 acres already developed can store up to 3.200 teus at 6 high for 20ft equipment and 5 for the 40ft equipment. Once complete, the yard will be able to store an additional 1.500 teus. The depot is currently equipped with: 3 Sisu side loaders with a capacity to stack containers up to 6 high. 6 tractors and 7 trailers to transport containers from the depot to the port and vice versa. Dodwell has also sub-contracted 20 tractors/trailers to assist during evacuation of empty containers to the port terminal. The latest welding machines, hydraulic body jacks and welding tools for the depot workshop. Containers will be inspected and repaired as per IICL5 standards or as per in-service criteria specified by our clients. CCTV in the yard to monitor container movement and security. A total of 5 light towers have been installed at the yard to ensure there is adequate light during night operation. Dodwell Container yard has also designed an IT system, which shipping lines can download directly into their systems, through an EDI programme. The programme is very beneficial, as all damaged containers being received at the depot can be photographed, which can then be automatically forwarded to the shipping lines. Benefits of using the ISS Dodwell Container Depot: Logistics management Operations Container repairs and maintenance.

Company Staff

Philis Muthoka
Depot Manager
Sanjeev Sukumaran
Senior General Manager Kenya