Brookes Bell LLP

9th Floor, Walker House, Exchange Flags, Liverpool, L2 3YL, United Kingdom
Serving the Marine and Energy Industry since 1903, Brookes Bell operate from Liverpool, London, Glasgow, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore. Brookes Bell lead the market in professional expertise and experience across the major maritime and scientific disciplines. All our full-time personnel work exclusively for us and enable us to provide specialist advice on a wide range of inter-disciplinary areas. ISO 9001 Certified. Brookes Bell are an ISO 9001 quality approved company with solid and time-tested processes ensuring smooth and reliable completion of all work for our clients. Brookes Bell Group provides Expertise. A wealth of practical experience is combined with contemporary knowledge to offer an extraordinary skill set for the Marine and Energy sectors. The Group’s expertise is regularly tested to the highest level by providing Litigation Support through expert evidence in Courts and Arbitrations around the World. The Group is a leader in research and development of ship design to enhance maritime safety and technology. Out in the field, Casualty Investigation, Salvage and Wreck Removal Operations, Forensic Engineering and Claim Resolution are the daily staples for Brookes Bells renowned group of Marine Surveyors, Naval Architects, Scientists, Fire Investigators, Metallurgists and Loss Adjusters

Company Staff

Adam Whittle
Loss Adjuster
Adam joined Brookes Bell in May 2016 from a position as Average Adjuster within Richards Hogg Lindley. He has considerable claims adjusting experience having spent the last 10 years working in claims on cargo, yachts and hull and machinery. In May 2011, Adam qualified (by examination) as an Associate of the Association of Average Adjusters and over the years he has built up an extensive knowledge of claims management processes, policy conditions and maritime law cases.
Alan Chapman
Partner & Marine Engineer
Alan Chapman is a marine engineer with a First Class Certificate of Competency. He joined Brookes Bell in March 2010 and became an associate in 2012 and a partner in 2016. Prior to joining Brookes Bell, Alan was at sea over a period of 28 years serving on a variety of geared and non-geared container ships (with capability for both plug in self contained reefer units and blown air reefer plants), conventional reefer ships and general cargo ships. Alan spent a period of time in Hamburg as superintendent, and has experience standing by several newbuilds, both during and after commissioning. He has sailed in engineering ranks up to and including Chief Engineer, and has experience of modern large common-rail injection systems on slow speed marine diesel propulsion engines.
Amanda Smith
Head of Finance
Amanda Smith joined Brookes Bell in 2010, becoming a central figure in the acquisition and expansion programme undertaken by the Group. Managing every aspect of finance, Amanda provided the expert account knowledge needed to secure the acquisition and opening of Safety at Sea, AMS Shanghai, Bunker Claims International, Brookes Bell Hong Kong, Brookes Bell Singapore. Providing global account management, Amanda offers corporate and individual account support, handling the tax matters of the Partners and five separate companies.
Andrew Johnstone
Naval Architect
Andrew Johnstone is a Naval Architect and a Chartered Engineer. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree with honours in Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding. He joined Brookes Bell in April 2016 as an associate. His main expertise is in offshore structures and in the planning and execution of offshore installation operations having acted as a Marine Warranty Surveyor for offshore field developments. This included FPSOs, fixed platforms, TLPs, SPAR platforms, semi-submersible production platforms and pipelines. He has extensive experience in damage surveys of offshore vessels and structures, offshore marine assurance surveys, loss prevention surveys for P&I Clubs, as well as salvage of semi-submersible rigs. This experience has been gained in the USA, Brazil, West Africa and the UK. Another area of specialist activity is salvage and wreck removal having acted as owner’s representative and salvage naval architect. Salvage and wreck removal operations have included wreck removal of a capsized livestock carrier in Brazil and a large cruise ship in Italy; LOF salvage of semi-submersible offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico; salvage naval architect for the refloating of a warship in Saudi Arabia and having been appointed by P&I clubs following fires on factory fishing vessels and a general cargo ship as well as grounded bulk carriers.
Anthony York
Partner & Naval Architect
Anthony York is a Partner at Brookes Bell and a Director at Safety at Sea Ltd which merged with Brookes Bell in 2011. Anthony has a BEng in Naval Architecture from the University fo Strathclyde, and joined Safety at Sea Ltd as a marine consultant when it was formed in 1999. Anthony has considerable experience in the field of stability assessment and rule compliance for a variety of ship types and sizes, and has a detailed knowledge of the application of both intact and damage stability standards. He is an experienced NAPA user and has knowledge of a number of other software packages e.g. HECSALV. He has worked on a large number of Ro-Pax and Cruise Liner conversion projects addressing aspects such as trim optimisation, bulbous bow and ducktail design, cargo capacity increases and new rule compliance. Anthony has extensive model testing experience in the area of Stockholm Agreement compliance and has been involved in propulsion and trim optimisation model tests for both large and small vessels. He has been directly involved in a number of concept designs for both Cruise and Ro-Pax platforms working with both design offices and ship yards, and has been involved in projects for flag states developing new stability standards. Anthony has worked on a number of casualty investigations with involvement ranging from flooding simulations on COSTA CONCORDIA to stability calculations on small vessels such as Tugs, Fishing vessels and floating docks. He has been directly involved in salvage support and re-floating plan development for a number of vessel types, advised on vessel design aspects of new building and charter party disputes, has carried out collision surveys, and has attended court to give evidence as an expert witness in both Europe and Asia.
Brian Boorman
Consultant & Marine Engineer
Brian Boorman, a Chartered Engineer with an Extra First Class Certificate of Competency (Steam & Motor), joined Brookes Bell as a Partner in 2008, having gained extensive surveying and consultancy experience during over 21 years with three London based consultancies. Brian sailed in all ranks up to and including Chief Engineer and sailed on general cargo, tanker, container and small bulk carrier vessels propelled by steam turbines, slow and medium speed diesel engines. He also has experience as a superintendent engineer in the operation, management and maintenance of a group of ships. He has considerable experience of attending and investigating many casualties including: collisions, groundings, sinkings, salvage, fires and hull and machinery failures/damages and repairs. He has given expert witness evidence in the high court and in arbitration, has acted as an independent technical assessor and has sat as an arbitrator on several occasions.
Chris Fisher
Consultant, Marine Fuel Consultant & Marine Engineer
Chris Fisher and his company Bunker Claims International Ltd (BCI) joined Brookes Bell in January 2011. Chris served as Chief Engineer on Texaco Tankers and later as superintendent engineer with Texaco before starting work as a surveyor & consultant specialising in liquid cargo and bunker quality disputes in 1984. He worked as Regional Manager in Europe for DNV Petroleum Services, based in Rotterdam and then became Director of several BSI-Inspectorate companies in Northern Europe. These companies provided independent Inspection and Certification services related to the sale and purchase of Oil and Petrochemical cargoes. In 2003 Chris returned from Northern Europe to the United Kingdom to concentrate on running his own business "Bunker Claims International Ltd" and in 2004 published his latest book on bunkers with his co-author Jonathan Lux of Ince & Co. In 2009 he was elected Chairman of IBIA, The International Bunker Industry Association. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology.
Chris Gascoigne
Partner & Marine Engineer
Chris Gascoigne, an Incorporated Engineer with a First Class Certificate of Competency, joined Brookes Bell in January 2008. In late 2010, Chris left Brookes Bell to work in Asia where his role continued to focus on marine casualty investigation. Chris returned to Brookes Bell in 2013 and uses the experience he gained in Asia to build on his previous consultancy work within the Group. As a surveyor, Chris has worked on various ship types and casualties, including salvage, fires, explosions, hull and machinery related matters, crane damages and bunker quality disputes. Whilst he also sailed on ro-ro's, tugs and dredgers, Chris’ sea service was principally on board passenger vessels fitted with diesel, diesel-electric, steam and steam-electric propulsion systems. Prior to entering marine consultancy, Chris also gained valuable experience in the areas of power and control system commissioning, ship environmental systems design and the development and trials of environmentally adapted lubricants and hydraulic fluids.
Christopher Dyson
Partner & Marine Engineer
Chris Dyson has been with Brookes Bell Group since 1998. In 2003 he entered into partnership, and he continues to provide specialist advice as a Marine Engineer.
Colin Kershaw
Managing Partner
Colin Kershaw joined Brookes Bell in 1990 after having worked for 15 years in the port of Liverpool, rising through the ranks to Assistant Marine Operations Manager for the Mersey Docks and Harbour Company. In 2002 Colin was made a Partner at Brookes Bell, and in 2010 was appointed Managing Partner of the Group.
Conan O'Driscoll
Marine Engineer
Conan O’Driscoll, a Marine Engineer with a Chief Engineer Certificate of Competency, joined Brookes Bell in November 2012. Conan has 17 years seagoing experience onboard various vessel types including container, offshore, RoRo and tankers. He has experience of many types of slow, medium and high speed engines. Before joining Brookes Bell, Conan worked as Ship Technical Superintendent managing geared bulker vessels trading globally. Conan also has new build and dry dock management experience.
David Spence
Consultant & Marine Engineer
David Spence, a Marine Engineer with a First Class Certificate of Competency and an honours degree in Nautical Studies, joined Brookes Bell in 1978. He was a partner of the firm from 1981 to 2008 and is now a consultant. Previously he served on a variety of steam turbine and slow and medium speed diesel cargo vessels and tankers in ranks up to and including Senior Second Engineer. He assisted in the design and installation of crude oil washing systems. His main work is in the field of hull and machinery surveys on many ship types including extensive involvement in major casualties, hull and machinery damages, sulphur cargo related damages, structural failures and repair disputes. This work has led to attendance in court, arbitration and formal inquiries, both in the United Kingdom and overseas. David is a Past President of the Society of Consulting Marine Engineers and Ship Surveyors and Past Chairman of IMarEST North- West Branch.
Duncan Tanner
Partner & Marine Engineer
Duncan Tanner, an Incorporated Engineer with a B.Eng degree in Marine Technology and a First Class Certificate of Competency (Motor), joined Brookes Bell in March 2010 and became Associate in 2012 and a partner in 2015. While at sea, Duncan served on container ships, dredgers and high speed ferries, in ranks up to and including Chief Engineer. Following which, he worked as a Superintendent, looking after reefer ships and seismic survey vessels. During this time, Duncan supervised dry docks and refits, including a ship conversion project, as well as day to day ship operations. As a surveyor Duncan has attended most ship types and carried out damage surveys for machinery damage, collisions, groundings and fires, attending on behalf of Hull & Machinery Underwriters, P&I clubs, owners, charterers and shipyards. He has also carried out P&I entry surveys, general condition surveys, pre-purchase inspections, as well as witnessed trials & factory acceptance tests and been involved in new build disputes. Duncan has experience with most ship types as well as most machinery arrangements and manufacturers. His work has lead to giving evidence in London Arbitration and high court.
Graeme Bowles
Consultant & Master Mariner
Graeme Bowles joined Brookes Bell in 2011 and became a Partner in 2012. He is an experienced Master Mariner and listed SCR, having spent over 28 years as a consulting surveyor after leaving the sea. During that time he has seen a wide range of different problems and situations involving various ship and cargo types. He is listed by Lloyd's Salvage Arbitration branch as SCR in recognition of his extensive salvage and casualty management experience in various roles following fires, collisions, groundings and similar mishaps, including several major container ship casualties. His seagoing experience was mainly in chemical tankers and the problems associated with the handling of liquid cargoes in bulk, including chemicals and vegetable oils, are his particular expertise. He has written reports for and given expert evidence in litigation arbitration and mediation in England, Scotland, The Netherlands, the USA and China.
John Third
Consultant & Master Mariner
John Third has an Extra Master Mariner's Certificate. He joined Brookes Bell in 1981, and in 1982 and 1983 was staff surveyor, and then resident partner, with Brookes Bell, Marine Consultants, Hong Kong. He was a partner from 1984 to 2010, and is now a Consultant. His main specialist activity concerns navigation and seamanship, including ship-handling. He has conducted detailed investigations of casualties, including groundings both off-shore and in pilotage waters, port and berth safety, collisions between ships and between ships and off-shore structures. Investigations in this field of marine activity include salvage and refloating. His second specialist activity is the investigation of major container stowage collapses and a range of cargo securing system failures, including very large packaged timber deck stowage systems. He conducted loss prevention investigations for underwriters at Lloyd's. He has extensive survey experience with general commodities, refrigerated, timber, steel, dry bulk including grain, liquid bulk, hazardous and heavy-lift cargoes on a worldwide basis. He has undertaken hull structural surveys afloat and in drydock, surveys of collisions and damages, damages caused by missile attacks, and has prepared repair specifications for both minor and major works. He has investigated the loss of ships without trace. He has attended special training courses in bridge organisation and teamwork and advanced pilotage. He attends ship simulator training on a regular basis. He has prepared technical reports for, and has given expert witness testimony at, variously, arbitrations in the United Kingdom and the United States, the Commercial and Criminal Court in the United Kingdom, the Federal Court in the United States, the Supreme Court in Hong Kong, the Supreme Court in Singapore and at a Seeamt Enquiry in Germany. Before becoming a marine surveyor, John Third was at sea over a fourteen-year period, serving on passenger and cargo liners, general cargo and refrigerated vessels, bulk carriers and off-shore diving and support ships, in all ranks from cadet to master. Immediately before joining Brookes Bell, he was project manager for a dynamically-positioned off-shore diving and support vessel.
Mark Keenor
Partner & Master Mariner
Mark Keenor has an Extra Master Mariner's Certificate, his being one of the last issued. Having worked briefly in Hong Kong as a marine surveyor and consultant, he joined Brookes Bell in 1992, and has been a partner since 1997. Before becoming a marine surveyor, Mark Keenor was at sea over a fifteen-year period, serving in general cargo vessels, container ships, bulk carriers, OBOs, ro-ros and crude oil and products tankers in most areas of the world, ranging from tropical waters to high latitude ice areas. As chief officer on tankers, he was directly involved with the implementation of, and improving, IG and COW systems. Latterly, he served as Master of the Hong Kong sail training vessel, JI FUNG.
Ray Luukas
Senior Partner & Marine Engineer
Ray Luukas, a Chartered Engineer with a First Class Certificate of Competency and a First Class honours degree in Mechanical Engineering, joined Brookes Bell in 1992 and has been a partner since 1997. He became Managing Partner in 2007 and Senior Partner in 2010. Before joining the company, Ray was at sea over a 14 year period serving on a variety of ships in all ranks up to and including Chief Engineer. He also carried out superintendency duties, including dockings and sale and purchase inspections. Since joining the company he has worked on various ship types, including high speed craft, and casualties, including stranding and salvage, fires, hull and machinery related matters and repair disputes. He has attended court and arbitration as an expert witness.
Roger Daniells
Associate & Master Mariner
Roger Daniells, a Master Mariner, joined Brookes Bell in January, 2011, from a position of Divisional Managing Director of a company of Cargo Surveyors and Adjusters where he was responsible for the management of the company and delegating assignments to a staff of eight surveyors. He has carried out high profile investigations into a significant number of major casualties and cargo claims. During his time at sea, he sailed on a variety of vessels including general cargo and refrigerated vessels, bulk carriers and tankers, serving in all ranks up to chief officer. He is a Chairman of the British Association of Cargo Surveyors.
Serdar Isik
Naval Architect
Serdar Isik is primarily an expert in ship classification, ship structures and surveys. He joined Brookes Bell in January, 2011 as an Associate, after a career extending over 23 years in ship classification and statutory certification. His main experience is in casualties and disputes for ship classification, statutory regulations, ship structures and ship stability. This includes ship structural condition and hull damages, quality in ship design and construction. He has been involved in some high-profile cases and given evidence in arbitration. Prior to joining Brookes Bell, Serdar worked for the leading ship classification society Bureau Veritas and for the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry, based in London, Newcastle, Dubai, Grand Cayman and Paris, gaining vast experience in regulations, certification, surveys and approvals. Later on in his career, Serdar developed the concept of the Damage and Repair Control Centre in BV’s head office, which he managed for 7 years. He worked as a Principal Surveyor in rule development, mainly on ultra large container ships. He was also the manager of the Maritime Labour Department. He lectured extensively in naval architecture and ship structural damages. Serdar is qualified as ISM and ISO 9000 Lead Auditor and holds an Honours Degree in Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding and an MBA. He is an official trainer of ILO for the MLC, (2006).