Horizon Marine And Cargo Services, Inc.

3941 Regatta Court, Mississauga, Ontario, L5M 6M1, Canada
Providing Services For The Maritime Shipping Industry in Canadian and US ports in the Great Lakes, The St. Lawrence River and The Canadian East & West Coasts and Canada wide inland. Worldwide Service Is Available.

Company Staff

Waclaw T. Kuza
Principal Marine Surveyor
Captain Waclaw T. Kuza is a dynamic professional with extensive sea-going experience including 8 years as Master Mariner and 6 years as Marine Surveyor and Ship Safety Inspector, Designated Person Ashore, Fleet Operation Manager, Fleet Compliance Manager in high-pressure, fast-paced, and strictly regulated international environments. Extensive practical and theoretical knowledge of marine legislation, including but not limited to Class and Flag regulations and requirements. Class Surveyor and Flag Inspector. Holder of Canadian Master Mariner unlimited certificate of competency. 20 years of sea-going experience with extensive knowledge of various type of the vessels operations combined with 2 years of shore-based experience of Ship Safety Inspector, Fleet Compliance and Operation Manager, Designated Person Ashore and Company Security Officer. Extensive practical and theoretical knowledge of marine legislation and Dangerous Maritime Transportation. Maximize safety and quality in high-volume situations, leveraging expertise in ISM and ISO lead auditing. ISM/ISO Lead Auditor with excellent problem solving, root cause analysis and risk management. Permanent Resident of Canada