C. N. Zachopoulos & Associates Ltd

1, Ch. Trikoupi Str. 185 36, Piraeus, Greece
The company was established early 1989 by C. N. ZACHOPOULOS for serving the maritime community, offering technical consultancy and marine surveys, and expanded in 1991 and 2000 when Mr. A. LOGOTHETIS and Mr. M. CHOURDAKIS joined the company as partners. Since the beginning, a close cooperation was established with CESAM/Piraeus and S. MODIANO & CO. L.T.D Marine Claims Agents/Piraeus, and our firm acted through them as non-exclusive H & M Underwriters surveyors for CESAM/France on behalf of major French Underwriters (AXA/France, ALLIANZ/France GENERALI/France etc.) and PIERRE LEBLANC/France on behalf of mainly Belgium Underwriters (NAVIGA MAURETUS N.V) for their CORVETTE cover using our services solely in Greece, and worldwide for important cases. For numerous cases we acted also on behalf of various Cargo Underwriters and P&I Clubs. We are offering also our services to a great number of Shipping Owners and Managers, Salvage Companies, Average Adjusters, Banks, P & I Clubs and Lawyers in Greece and abroad. It should be noted that this bureau is staffed and associated with Marine Engineers and Naval Architects, Master Mariners and Chief Engineers with sea going service of more than 30 years and is able to offer the services as indicated in the next pages in various fields around the world at any time. Finally the company is associated to Messrs Rollins Associates, independent Metallurgical Engineering Consultants in U.K., whose specialized expertise is necessary for certain cases.

Company Staff

A. V. Logothetis
Born in Piraeus on 1946, graduated as Mechanical and Electrical Engineer from NTU of Athens on 1969 and as Naval Architect on 1979. He speaks fluently English and French. Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece. He gained experience working in CHANDRIS and ELEFSIS shipyards from 1972 up to 1991 starting as Engineer of the Repairs Department and after servicing various departments as Repairs and Production Manager of the shipyard since 1985 and subsequently as Commercial Manager from 1997 until 2003.
C. N. Zachopoulos
Born in Athens on 1940, graduated on 1964 from Technical University of Hannover in Mechanical and Marine Engineering. He speaks fluently English and German. Member of Technical Chamber of Greece. He gained experience by working as Third Engineer on ships, as Superintendent in C.M. LEMOS & Co. Ltd., as Supervisor in new building in Japan, as Technical Manager in shipyards and as Technical Manager (for 13 years) in TSAVLIRIS (HELLAS) MARITIME CORPORATION S.A., in charge of the seagoing vessels, salvage and port tugs and the new buildings of the company.
M. E. Chourdakis
Born in Iraklion/Crete on 1957, graduated as Naval Architect and Mechanical/Electrical Engineer from Napoli University (Italy) on 1985. He speaks fluently English and Italian. Member of Technical Chamber of Greece. He gained experience working as Mechanical, Electrical Engineer, as trainee engineer in Elefsis shipyard as safety engineer in Skaramanga shipyard, as Superintendent Engineer in ADRIATIC TANKERS S.A. and EUROCARRIERS S.A. shipping companies and as Fleet/group Engineer in DYNACOM TANKERS MANAGEMENT Ltd.