Anthony Al. Mattheou & Associates

7 - 9, Akti Miaouli Avenue, 18535 Piraeus, Greece
ANTHONY AL. MATTHEOU & ASSOCIATES is a firm of Marine and Engineering Consultants providing a professional service to the shipping and offshore industries from its Piraeus office. For thirty years, we offer reliable, competent and cost effective representation worldwide and have a track record as diverse as the products flowing through the port of Piraeus and its surrounding area. The Company comprises a highly qualified team of Marine Specialists, Naval Architects, Structural and Marine Engineers as well as Automotive Engineers. Clients include P & I Associations, Insurance Companies, Admiralty Lawyers, Shipowners, Charterers, Oil Companies, Offshore Contractors & Government Bodies. Our Firm is listed under the Hellenic Marine Technical Consultants Association, of which Anthony Al. Mattheou is a member.

Company Staff

Adamantios Krassanakis
Non Exclusive Surveyor
Adamantios holds a Diploma of Marine Engineer & Naval Architect from the National Technical University of Athens '78 and he is a retired rear - admiral of the Greek Coast Guard. He has over the years served in different departments of the Merchant Ships Inspectorate (Manager, Naval branch, transport special and dangerous goods branch, living quarters of crew and passenger branch, etc). He was occupied as an Assistant commissioner of S. T. C. W. Education Centre of Greece as well as a Manager of Coastal itineraries section at Maritime Ministry of Greece. The recent years he was employed as a supervisor of the Maritime Policy Branch of Maritime Ministry of Greece, with special duties in coastal itineraries and in ship control security management of port installations. He was also President of the special of 9 members committee to prevent the human accidents at the repaired works in the zone Piraeus - Drapetsona - Keratsini - Perama - Salamina.
Alexander Anthony Mattheou
Marine Surveyor
Marine Surveyor
Anthony Al. Mattheou
Managing Director
Anthony Mattheou, founder of the firm, holds a Diploma of Naval Architect & Marine Engineer '76 as well as a Diploma in Mechanical - Electrical Engineering '69 from the National Technical University of Athens. He has also undertaken postgraduate studies in Business Administration from the Economical University of Athens. Prior establishing the firm, Anthony had been employed in the Eleusis Shipyards and the Petrola Hellas ships' repair base. During serving at the Hellenic Navy as ensign, he received the written satisfaction of the commander of the 6th fleet, for his services during the period of the crisis in Jordan in 1970. Since self employed he has conducted marine and non marine consultancy works all over Greece and worldwide. These works have been carried out on behalf of underwriters, P & I Clubs, shipowners, cargo consignees, industrial companies, Greek courts, e.t.c. and include approximately more than 3.000 different cases.
Christophoros Anthony Mattheou
Marine & Non Marine Surveyor
Marine & Non Marine Surveyor
John A. Kritikos
Technical Director
John joined the office in 1984 after graduating from the National Technical University of Athens as a Naval Architect & Marine Engineer. He is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece, an associate member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (U.S.A.) as well as a member of the Society of the Greek Naval Architects. During the years he has attended several seminars including: a) Non destructive testing of materials - level II ASNT, b) Tonnage measurement of Ships, c) International Safety Management code (ISM). Since starting his professional career, John has conducted marine and non marine designs as well as inspections of industrial installations and goods, (industrial consumers, e.t.c.) all over Greece and worldwide. These works have been carried out on behalf of underwriters, P & I Clubs, Shipowners, cargo consignees, industrial companies, inspections companies (surveillance), e.t.c. and include a considerable number of different cases - more than a thousand in number.