Alpha Lloyds Insurance Brokers LLC

6th Floor, Park Place Tower | Sheikh Zayed Road
Alpha Lloyds is a leading Insurance and Reinsurance Broker, and Consultant providing professional services to corporate, local groups, multinationals, quasi government entities as well as institutional and individual clients in the GCC, MENA region. From our location in UAE and vast networks in the London Market, we cover the GCC and MENA Region. We have a strong team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are able to serve our clients on a global basis. A Key note to remember at Alpha Lloyds is, the message we deliver is "no" is not an option. Using our vast range of networks, compiled with our innovative capabilities, we strive to find a risk solution for anything and everything, and we proudly hold reputable examples of that notion. Other than providing the "General & Medical/Life" all classes of insurance, we work closely with the client and networks to develop risk solutions to cater for every whim. These include and are not limited to; Inherent Defects Insurance (IDI), Decennial Liability, Crime, Cyber Liability, Automotive Recall, Restaurant Recall, Unfair Calling of Bonds, Sports Property & Liability, and many other specialized classes of business. Alpha Lloyds has raised the bar in spreading awareness that insurance is not only a contractual requirement but a mindset which gives individuals and multinationals a piece of mind in order for them to focus on their core business. Due to our vast networks, our reach at Alpha Lloyds is to get local group companies and business familiar with global insurance markets, such as Lloyds of London. The success of Alpha Lloyds is based upon our ability to achieve service excellence through partnership, commitment and trust. Our culture nurtures these values, which guide our day-to-day activities and provide the pillars upon which our long-term goals and successes are built without compromising our integrity and credibility.

Company Staff

Altamae Rubiano
Finance Manager
Ibrahim Karam
Chief Technical & Operating Officer
Marie Uy
Customer Service Coordinator - EBD
Shafiq Khartabil
Chief Business Development & Strategy Officer