AL-Ahli Brokerage

Prince Zaid Bin Shaker Street ,Jordan
AL-Ahli Brokerage is a Jordanian company specializing in brokerage, and acting as a broker at Amman Stock Exchange. It is owned by AL-Ahli bank, a leading bank in HKJ. AL-Ahli Brokerage is a highly sophisticated brokerage firm specializing in selling and buying stocks in the local market, for its customers. It has taken this strategy to provide its services, in a manner that is directly connected with customer needs, and is bound to place the company at the top of all brokerage firms operating in the HKJ. AL-Ahli Brokerage is equipped with a management team which includes competent and highly qualified brokers, market specialists, accountants, and economists, who have gained valuable experience in local market. It also adopts the latest methods and client handling techniques to ensure quality service. The company provides its clients with state-of-art tools to be always in touch with market and important events. The company aims to build a strategic relationship with its customers through “the full understanding of the customers’ goals”. For this purpose, the company has always been the first in the sector, who upgrades its technological efforts to be up to standards.

Company Staff

Basel Khraisheh
General Manager